Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Happy New Year!

Its always good to use your new year good feeling buzz and have a cracker workout that you know you emptied the tank and felt the challenge! I wanted to share this workout with you to help kick start your new year with a good session that when you finish it you leave  knowing you did it! Every good workout needs to have a certain amount of challenge in it which gives you the feel good factor at the end.
Its awesome if you can do it with a buddy so you can share the good feelings and motivate each other through the tough parts.
Resistance training is an integral part of your training, the benefits and results you gain you can't get from any other type of training......So my point is make resistance training a part of your exercise habits and you will get those results you are looking for, you will turn your body into a body fat burning machine! (not to mention a heap of other great benefits).

Try this workout if you already are doing weights. If you have not trained in the weights room before its probably wise that you spend 12 weeks or so building up basic strength. You can start by doing an awesome Les Mills BODYPUMP class. Checkout www.lesmills.co.nz or .com to get more information on fitness classes. Or you could get a Personal Trainer to help get you on your way before you try this sort of workout.

SUPER SET ONE:  - Complete 10 sets of Super set

10 Sets
1. Squats - (choose a weight you can complete 10 sets with)  
10 x Reps with a tempo of 4 counts down and 1 up
60 seconds rest - then complete exercise 2.

2. Hamstring Leg Curls
8 x reps with a tempo of 4 counts down and 1 up (start curled up then release out for 4)
60 seconds rest - then complete exercise 1.


3 Sets 
1. 30 x Walking Lunges (weighted or non-weighted)

2. 15 x Back Extensions (weighted or non-weighted)  
Complete both exercises then 60 seconds rest

Game Over! Give it a crack and enjoy the after math! 


  1. Tried this session today... Epic leg n back blaster that seriously kicked my butt, butt in the best way possible. Def recommend doing it with a buddy to get you through the last few reps of every set. Awesomely mean :)

  2. I completed this session today. I started by thinking I must have misheard the instructions and finished wishing I had misheard the instructions. My workout reps would have left me able to get up off the couch! A must with a training buddy to encourage you to the finish and clarify the rep counts! A great feeling on completion if not during :-)